E-Liquid Bottles Wholesale - Unicorn Bottles and Vape Juice Dropper Bottles

Classic, bold and everlasting bottles for your e-liquid

Brand your e-liquid flavours, stand out with our e-liquid bottles because your customers need a memorable vaping experience

Your brand deserves distinction. Your brand idea, along with your eye-catching logo, labels and e-liquid need a diverse range of quality e-liquid bottles that are unique and highly customizable. Our e-liquid bottles are made to enhance the vaping experience for your customers through customization.

Create different combinations of e-liquid bottles for different flavours, strengths, presentation and functionality. Choose from a wide range of vape juice dropper bottles and unicorn bottles. Mix the colours of caps, rings, droppers and bottles to create a design that is truly special. A vape juice bottle that is made for your customers so they can enjoy vaping.

Get our unique e-liquid bottles at wholesale prices. We ensure quality production and distribution helping you get ahead in a growing industry. Our bulk e-liquid bottles are exactly what your brand needs to deliver a unique vaping experience.

As a wholesale e-juice bottles manufacturer, our bulk buying prices are super competitive

High Variety at Amazing Prices:

  • Our e-juice bottles are made with highly durable and high-quality PET or PP material.
  • Our vape juice bottles come in 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 60 ml and 120 ml. As the market grows, you need different sizes of e-juice bottles in order to meet the vaping needs of your consumers.
  • Choose from a selection of high-quality transparent, semi-transparent or opaque e-liquid bottles.
  • Customize the colours of each part of your e-liquid bottle, make your brand shine.

TPD dropper bottles

Pure safety

Our sterile production line ensures the highest quality and safety of our bottles. The product meets highest pharmaceutical requirements, which is often needed on local markets.

We take safety guidelines very seriously in creating products at Nexeem. All our 10 ml dropper bottles are TPD compliant. For instance, you’ll never find a vape bottle without proper child-proof caps or tamper bands.

Empty e-liquid bottles wholesale

Unicorn bottles and dropper bottles for vape juice

Our clients have an edge over their competition because our bulk sale gives them a cost effective solution, bringing their goals to fruition. Get the best prices and highest quality from one of the biggest empty e-liquid bottles producers and suppliers in Europe. With our strong distribution network at your side, you will never run out of premium e-liquid bottles.

All of that for a price lower than you would expect!

We will send you a complete catalogue of our bottles. We do not spam you with unwanted messages. Never.

“Nexeem have been fantastic to work with over the last few years. From placing orders, to delivery day we have received excellent service every time. (...) We’re looking forward to working with them for the years to come.”

Jon Outram, Vape Shoreditch (UK)

“Guys from Nexeem created a beautiful liquid packaging for us which Chinese companies just couldn’t do!”

Ewa Kubalka, Bliq® (Poland)