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Does Vaping Have Calories? – Does It Affect Your Diet Or Fasting?

Does vaping have calories? Vaping e-liquids is something most people do for fun, and some do it to quench their addictive chemical cravings. But apart from the thrill, throat hits, massive clouds, and satisfaction it provides, could there be other effects you get when you inhale vape juice or use an e-cigarette?
Does vape juice have calories? Does vaping make you lose weight or gain it? Does nicotine have calories, and how many calories are in a vape? These are all critical questions that every sound vaper should know the answers to, and this article answers these questions and many more.

Does Vaping Have Calories? – Does E-liquid Contain Calories?

One question that e-juice customers mostly ask is, “Does Vaping Have Calories?” or “Does Vape Juice Have Calories?” The simple answer to both questions is “Yes.” Every e-liquid contains them. However, the amount the e-juices contain is too small to have a significant effect on your weight.

How Many Calories Are In A Vape?

It is estimated that an e-liquid contains about 5 calories per 1ml. Hence, a 20ml bottle of vape juice will contain about 100.
PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are mainly responsible for the energy you absorb from vape juice. Vape juice flavors contribute little or no calorie content to e-liquids. So sweeter vape liquids such as strawberry and cheese don’t necessarily have higher calorie content than less-sugary flavors like menthol.

Does Vaping Make You Lose Or Gain Weight?

The answer to whether vaping makes you gain weight or not is mainly relative. Essentially, the calories in vape liquid are not enough to make you increase in size; you can simply burn them off in a short walk. Instead, it’s the nicotine (a stimulant) in vape that leads to the weight gain or weight loss most vapers may experience. Nicotine is a stimulant that can either increase metabolism or decrease appetite.

Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?

Yes. Nicotine is a powerful appetite suppressant, so veteran vapers that vape steadily will mostly have suppressed appetites, leading to less food intake and, ultimately, reduction in physical size. This reduction is in no way because of low calories but the effect of the appetite suppressant.

Can Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

No, vaping does not make you gain weight. However, switching from cigarettes to vape liquid or low-nicotine juices can result in a large appetite and an increase in size. This is why most vapers who recently quit cigarettes always feel hungry. And when these new vapers consistently satisfy their frequent cravings for food or snacks, they ultimately experience weight gain.
In essence, vaping can indirectly cause you to gain or lose weight, but whichever it is, the additive chemical is to blame.

Does Nicotine Have Calories?

No, it does not. Rather, it’s the other vape liquid components that have it.

Vaping And Keto Diet – Does Vape Juice Have Carbs?

If you’re on a keto diet, you’ll probably want to stay away from anything carbs. However, vape juice shouldn’t be a part of your diet watchlist because an e-liquid does not contain carbs. They also do not contain added sugar, which you’ll typically find in confectioneries.
Besides, an e-liquid isn’t food per se. You don’t necessarily drink or eat it; instead, you inhale and exhale. This mode of intake makes it so that even if the e-liquid contained carbs, your body wouldn’t get most of it since you’ll exhale the vapor. In truth, most times, it’s only the taste and throat hits that vapers get from e-juice; even the energy is not always absorbed.

Does Vaping Break A Fast?

Another tricky question people ask is, “Can you vape while fasting?” A simple “No” to this question would mean that the amount of energy you get from vaping are equivalent to those in a regular diet. But this is not the case, as vape liquids contain only minimal traces of calories.
So in a larger sense, yes, you can vape while fasting, so long as it isn’t a dry fast. Also, if you’re on some diet or weight loss plan, a simple vape session won’t do any harm.
However, if the fast is meant to be strictly “dry” or zero-calorie fasting (as is usually the case in a religious fast), then you may need to avoid vaping. This is because when you use an e-cigarette, your lungs absorb whatever energy is in the fumes you’re inhaling. But be rest assured that ultimately, vaping won’t have any negative impact on your fast.


If you’ve ever wondered about the calories in vaping and their effect on your weight, you can rest easy. It does not in any way add to the amount of sugar/carbs in your blood, reduce your body size, or give you more energy. If anything, you should watch your nicotine levels.
If you’re an extreme smoker trying to replace smoking with vaping, you should vape high-nicotine-concentration e-juice, so you don’t end up craving food and snacks due to your awakened appetite.
If you vape while on a fast or keto diet, the worst that could happen is that you’ll get intoxicated. So enjoy your vape, and forget about counting calories.