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E-liquid Bottles – Which Type Will Work Best For You?

As vaping grows increasingly popular among adults and youths, there is a need for improved vape devices, e-liquids, and bottles. Whether you vape DIY juices or branded ones, you can’t undermine the role that e-liquid bottles play in administering and in e-juice storage. Nowadays, several wholesale e-juice bottles manufacturers are in the market to supply all sorts of vape bottles to the vaping community. Choosing e-liquid bottle types to buy out of the many choices out there shouldn’t just be based on your bias: there are certain things you should consider, so you can buy vape bottles that will serve you.


E-liquid Bottles Sales: B2B Vs. B2C

E-liquid bottles are sold in B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) models. Most e-juice bottle manufacturers sell to other suppliers (B2B) and supply to customers directly (B2C). This helps maximize profits.


E-liquid Bottles – What Is Usually Most Important To Customers?

When producing a vape juice bottle, some manufacturers focus more on giving them artistic designs to boost customer appeal. While this is important, it isn’t the priority of most customers.

More than design or appearance, a vaper needs an e-juice bottle that can effectively and conveniently carry out its function – store and dispense E-liquids. This is why e-juice dropper bottles are very rampant, as these can be used to fill e-cigarettes with no problems.


E-liquid Bottles For Bottling Lines

Companies that produce vape juice en masse may not really fancy a colorful or stylish E-liquid Bottle. Still, they’ll prefer one that can fit well in their bottling lines and allow easy filling/refilling. These companies often order their own custom vape juice bottles from manufacturers.


E-liquid Bottles For Vapers

Vapers care more about functionality than e-liquid bottle design or appearance. If you’re one of those vapers who use vape pods or other high-power devices, you’ll prioritize getting a vape juice bottle that can fill the cartridge or tank without spilling.

Another thing that matters to vapers is the ease of refilling an e-juice bottle. Ever wondered why stainless steel is seldom used to make unicorn bottles? It’s because they’re complicated to refill.


Which Type Of E-juice Bottles To Choose?

E-juice bottles don’t just differ in design or storage capacity alone. There are diverse caps and tips that you can find on e-liquid bottles today. This variety of caps helps aid better functionality. The ease or accuracy with which an e-liquid bottle administers e-liquid to a vape device all boils down to the cap or tip of the bottle. It’s wise to always buy unique e-liquid bottles with caps suitable for your vaping device.


What Are The Types Of Vape Juice Bottle Caps/Tips?

Here are the different caps you can find on e-juice bottles and their unique benefits:

  • Needle tip caps: These tips are best for mixing e-juice (for those who vape DIY juices). They are also very recommended for filling e-juice in vape tanks without causing a mess. They always come with a needle cover.
  • Nozzle tip caps: These are larger than the needle tip caps. It is the most common cap you’ll find on vape juice containers. Nozzle tips are best for filling unicorn bottles.
  • Dropper caps: These caps allow you to dispense vape fluids in drops. They provide better precision when filling vape mods. With dropper caps, you don’t necessarily need a cover, as you would in the case of nozzle or needle tips.
  • Child-proof caps: These aren’t a type of cap but more like a feature for e-juice bottles. As requested by law, e-liquid must be packaged in a child-proof e-liquid storage container. This is why nearly all the bottles out there have childproof caps. This feature makes e-juice bottles challenging to open, but it provides safety against unsuspecting kids who may want to drink your vape juice.

What E-juice Bottle Size Will Suit You Best?

Different e-liquid container sizes serve different purposes. Generally, 10ml to 50ml bottles are used for MTL vaping, while 60ml to 120ml bottles are preferred for DTL vaping. Smaller-sized bottles are also better suited for steeping e-juice.

Here are the most popular vape juice bottle sizes you’ll see and their respective uses/advantages:

  • 10ml: These bottles are the smallest and most easy to conceal. They are also easily refillable.
  • 20ml: These bottles are just as handy and concealable as the 10ml bottles but store more vape juice.
  • 30ml: 30ml bottle sizes are trendy among vapers, as they can store a substantial amount of e-juice while still being very handy.
  • 50ml: This is more like the neutral bottle size – not too big, and not too small either.
  • 60ml: 60ml bottle sizes are commonly used by vapers who vape frequently or use high-powered vaping devices.
  • 120ml: Thick and chubby, these bottles can store enough vape fluid for up to 3 vapers. They are best recommended for DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers.

What Are The Most Common E-juice Bottle Materials?

The most commonly used materials for e-juice bottles are glass and LDPE (low-density polyethylene). For making a refillable e-juice bottle (such as a unicorn bottle), LDPEs are the best since they are soft and squeezable.

Other materials that are also used include:

  • PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate)
  • HDPE (High-density PolyEthylene)
  • Steel
  • PP (propylene)

Here’s a tabular summary of the most commonly used materials and their characteristics:

PET Good Good Very Good
LDPE Very Good Very Good Fair
GLASS Good Very Good Good
PP Good Very Good Good