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How Long Does Vape Juice Last? – Does E-Liquid Expire?

You might be asking yourself that how long does vape juice last? Does vape juice expire? Well, it takes a long time for e liquid to expire because it is ‘shelf stable’; therefore, it reaches the point of expiration after or around 2 years.
E liquid shelf life is shortened further if the e liquid is not stored properly or is opened. Of course, this depends on the type of vape juice, and since there are several kinds, a general estimation of shelf life is hard to quantify, however, 2 years is generally considered the standard shelf life of most vape juice brands.
Nevertheless, vapers have many methods at their disposal to determine if their e liquid has expired.
Given enough time, every e liquid will expire and several factors can affect the speed of expiration. Naturally, vapers can take several steps to ensure that your e liquid lasts as long as possible.


E-Liquid and Expiry Date – Does Vape Juice Expire? 

Does vape juice expire? Yes, like any consumable product, vape juice has an expiry date but there is a variance in duration. Vape juice has many food-based ingredients that are supposed to go bad after a while, if it stays good forever then it is likely that the vape juice product is not safe. They are very similar to food products and every single vape juice product gives a guarantee of safe usage in the form of an expiration date.
This guarantee by e juice manufacturers comes under the assumption that the user will store it properly. E juice has VG, PG, nicotine, and flavouring as primary ingredients, while the nicotine stays good for longer, the VG and PG start to degrade. However, when stored in the right conditions, many e juice brands will reach their guaranteed shelf life.
E juice expiration depends on proper storage. If it is not exposed to heat, air, and direct sunlight, the ingredients will break down slowly.
However, if even one of the vape juice ingredients breaks down, it will ruin the taste profile of the e juice. That is why it is imperative to store e juice in the right conditions.


Are There Any Legal Regulations Regarding The Expiry Date Of E-Liquids?

When it comes to advertising, displaying the lengths of e juice expiration, there are no specific requirements. Shelf life of vape juice is determined by the manufacturer, all legal laws regarding this are non-binding.
Under the Tabacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR), shelf life is not covered. E juice and e cigarette manufacturers take responsibility by conducting product stability studies that testify to their shelf life claims.


How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

How long does vape juice last is a popular question among vape enthusiasts and as discussed above, it has an average shelf life of 2 years. So the question of how long does e liquid last really comes down to proper storage and its components.


How To Tell If Your E-Liquid Is Out Of Date?

Out of date vape juices can be detected easily because there is a huge change in colour and of course, the taste will be different, it will not smell and taste as good as it did. If the colours are darker and not yellow or brown, then it is probably out of date.
Can vape juice go bad?  If you notice a change in smell or the thickness of the liquid, it is possible that it could be an out of date e liquid.


Is It OK To Use Expired Vape Juice?

The printed expiration date is a recommendation by manufacturers that the e liquid might be dangerous to vape. You may also experience loss of flavour, nicotine, change in colour, and lack of vapour. You might be wondering and asking yourself, “can expired vape juice hurt you?” Even if you decide to vape an expired vape juice, it may not be harmful to your health but you may not be able to enjoy the experience because of the decreased quality.


How To Make E-Juice Last Longer? 

To answer the question, “How long is vape juice good for?” the best way is proper storage.

How to make e juice last longer depends on you, follow the guidelines below for best results:

  • Always store your e liquid in a cool, dark and dry place.
  • Direct sunlight can harm your e liquid, so can heat. Never leave your e liquid in your vehicle, especially during the day.
  • Seal them properly and do not expose them to liquids.

E-Liquid Shelf Life – FAQ

How Long Does E-Juice Stay Good?

Generally, e juice can stay fresh for up to 2 years. Make sure that you read the expiration date before buying and store your e liquid in a cool, dry, and dark place.


What Happens When E-Liquid Goes Off?

The taste, smell, and flavour will fade and the colour of the liquid will change. You may also notice that the bottle becomes tinted and the nicotine content is also reduced.


How To Keep Vape Juice From Going Bad?

Steeping and oversteeping can enhance the flavour but that depends on the type of e liquid. Store the e liquid in a dry, cool, and dark place, shake the bottle frequently. This will help you preserve some of the taste.


Can Expired Vape Juice Hurt You?

In short, no. However, without the flavour profile and reduced nicotine content, it will not serve your purpose.