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How To Fill A Vape Pen? – Step-by-step Guide

Refilling a vape pen with e-juice can sometimes be tricky. This article will guide you on how to fill it with e-liquid and also give you some tips and tricks to it.


How To Fill A Vape Pen With Liquids?

Electronic cigarettes are versatile and can be filled with liquids like oil, e-juice, etc. However, irrespective of what fluids are being used, the process for filling vape pens remains the same.


How To Fill Top-fill Vape Tank?

To refill a top-fill vape tank, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Disassemble the tank of the vaporizer. Start by unscrewing the airflow base (this is found at the bottom of the vaporizer). Then, pull out the coil from the inside.
  • Step 2: Put a drop of e-liquid into every cotton hole in the coil: A coil should have six holes. Hold the coil horizontally using your pointer finger and thumb, and rotate it as you put a drop of liquid in each hole. Use a dropper cap to do this.
  • Step 3: Fill the tank with e-liquid: Start by unscrewing the top connector from the tank. This reveals the tunnels for e-liquid. Next, fill in vape juice with a dropper or needle tip. Stop when the e-liquid reaches the horizontal mark on the side of the vape tank.
  • Step 4: Reassemble the vaporizer: Once you’re done filling up your tank, screw the top connector, mouthpiece and coil back in place.

After successfully carrying out the above steps, allow your vape pen to stay for about 3 minutes before you vape. This is done to ensure the coil is fully saturated with e-liquid before use.


How To Fill Bottom-fill Vape Tank?

  • Step 1: Take out the coil from the bottom: To do this, unscrew the vaporizer’s bottom metal piece and then take out the coil from inside the tank.
  • Step 2: Saturate the coil with e-liquid: Once you’ve pulled out the coil, put 2 drops of e-liquid inside it using a dropper cap. After this, reattach the coil to the vaporizer.
  • Step 3: Fill up the tank: Access the tank by unscrewing the entire metal bottom of the vaporizer. Fill the tank with e-liquid and stop when the maximum fill line is reached.
  • Step 4: Put everything back together: Reassemble and screw everything back in place after filling the tank.

Again, after refilling, wait for 3 minutes before use.


How To Refill A Vape Pen?

To refill a vape pen, you have to consider the type of vape device you are dealing with – a closed system or an open system vape pen. A closed system vape pen uses a cartridge prefilled with vape liquid, while an open system type uses e-juice bottles.


When Should You Refill Your Vape Pen?

You should refill a vape pen when it is getting depleted. Never wait until it is empty; doing so may damage the atomizer. For a closed system vape device, you can tell that your e-juice is drying up in the cartridge if the vape flavor has faded, or you’re just not getting enough smoke. For open system vape devices, you can tell through the transparent clearomizer (juice-storing compartment) whether your tank has been depleted or not.


Filling A Closed System Vaping Device

Closed system vape devices use a multifunctional cartridge. It acts as the e-cigarette tank, heater, and mouthpiece. As such, you cannot manually fill these vaping devices. All you can do is replace a cartridge with a new one when your juice gets depleted.

To replace a cartridge, unscrew the old one and dispose of it, then screw the new one onto the battery. Ensure that the newly installed cartridge is firmly attached. It can affect the quality/quantity of vapor produced if it isn’t.


Filling An Open System Vaping Device

To refill a vape pen with e-juice bottles, follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the battery and mouthpiece from the clearomizer
  2. Place the nozzle or needle tip of your vape juice bottle on the inside wall of the clearomizer
  3. Squeeze the bottle to release e-juice, stop at a reasonable level (let there be a little room left in the clearomizer)
  4. Screw the battery and mouthpiece back in place

You should replace the clearomizer after every ten refills for open system devices.


Useful Tips For Filling A Vape Pen

Now that you know how to fill a vape pen, you can use these tips to streamline the process and make it more effective:

  • Use the right tools. They will ease up the process and prevent spillage.
  • When refilling e-cigarettes, it’s better to do it above a paper towel, so if there are any spilled juices, you can easily clean them up.
  • Endeavor to clean out your tank before refilling, especially if you’ll be changing flavors. Although, you should be careful when doing this and remember that vape pens are electronic devices, so you shouldn’t use water.
  • Avoid the center tubing when filling the open system vape device. Else, you may flood it and get vape juice in your mouth while vaping.
  • Always fill a vape pen in a well-lit area.
  • When refilling, clean the mouthpiece by placing a tissue at the back of the unscrewed mouthpiece and forcefully blowing air through it. This will ensure you get a smooth/pure draw while vaping.
  • Don’t refill with too much vape liquid so that the device won’t get clogged.
  • Ensure all screws are tightly replaced after filling a vape pen.