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How To Get More Flavour From Your Vape – Top 5 Tips

Vaping is only as pleasurable as the quality of flavour you get from your juice. And so it can be frustrating when your e-juice stops giving you the flavour hit it used to. A common solution you will hear in scenarios like this is that you should steep the juice.
But then there are many other things that can compromise e-juice flavour that vapers mostly overlook. If you find your vape juice giving you reduced flavour even after steeping, then it’s high time you addressed some commonly overlooked factors; the results may surprise you. Here’s how to get more flavour from vape.


Choose The Right Vaping Device and Settings For More Flavour

Have you ever been told that your vape device settings could impair the flavour you get from your juice; well, this is true. If you do not know the best vape setup for flavour, here are some things to guide you.


Select The Right Vape Tank, Coil, and Drip Tip

There are certain types of vape tanks and coils that boost flavours.

  • Best tanks for flavour: Sub-ohm tanks and coils (meaning coils with a resistance below 1 ohm) are known to produce better vapours and flavours. Also, glass tanks are better when it comes to flavour (plastics tanks sometimes release their plastic chemicals/smell into vape juice)
  • Best coils for flavor: A double coil will produce better flavours than a single coil, and mesh coils heat up your vape juice quickly, causing more vapour production. If you’re an MTL vaper and you don’t want to use sub-ohm tanks, you should go for vape devices that have smaller bore coils. These coils reduce the airflow into the coil, which helps maximise flavour.
  • Best drip tip: If you want the best flavours, look for tanks or atomisers with narrow-bore drip tips. Tanks and atomisers using larger-bore drip tips only produce airier vapes and cooler vapours.

Find The Best Wattage and Temperature Settings For More Flavour

  • The best temperature for flavour: Every e-liquid has its precise temperature where its flavour is at its peak. Your juice may taste better at one temperature and taste poorly at another. This is why smart vapers who use good vape devices always try different temperature settings.
  • Best wattage for flavour: While some vape liquids will taste good at 20W, others may taste great at 30W. Higher wattages work best for creamy-flavoured e-liquids, while lower wattages are best for menthol flavourings.

Adjust The Airflow

Except you’re one of those cloud chasers who love massive vape clouds, you should limit the amount of air flowing through your coil. Limiting the amount of airflow creates dense and warm vaping that releases more vapour.
If you’re a flavour chaser, it’s best to have an adjustable airflow system so you can adjust it to get more flavour from vape anytime you want. Bear in mind, however, that just as cloud chasers trade E-juice flavour for bigger clouds, so too flavour chasers trade vape clouds for better flavour.
So don’t be surprised when your vape stops giving off huge clouds after adjusting the airflow.


Choose High-Quality Materials

From your vape juice down to your vape device, make sure you’re not compromising on quality. Sometimes all you need to do to get a better flavour is upgrade your vape device.
There’s also the issue of the coil. Some vapers change their coil once every three months. This shouldn’t be so. A burnt-out coil will ruin your vape flavours, so it’s better to change the coil weekly or once every couple of weeks.
If you’re one of those DTL vapers who build their own vape device and atomisers, you must understand that parts like the wick and coil of your vape device should be your top priority.
Japanese cotton is generally considered the best wicking material, and kanthal is the recommended coil material for the best flavours. Avoid metallic coils; they’ll only give your juice a metallic taste.


Clean Your Vape Device

Whether it’s a vape pen, a sub-ohmer, or a vape pod, keeping it clean cannot be overemphasised. If you’ve ever vaped and found your juice tasting funny, this might be the cause. Vape juice always tastes best when it’s vaped from a clean system.
Every couple of weeks or anytime you want to try out a new vape flavour, try cleaning the vape tank and rinsing your coils and wicks with warm water. As simple as this seems, it really helps you get more flavour from vape.
For deep cleansing, disassemble your device and rinse the clearomizer in warm water, then use a kitchen towel to clean the battery connection. Clean your drip tip, too, if you use one. You can change old wicks or coils in the process of cleaning, for better results.


Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue can hinder you from getting that flavour hit you’re used to. Though it sometimes happens unexpectedly, here are a couple of things you should do to prevent Vaper’s tongue:

  • Never vape one particular flavour for more than two weeks. Change flavours frequently
  • Drink plenty of water after vape sessions. Do it whenever you feel dehydrated, too, before vaping
  • Wash your mouth thoroughly, emphasising your tongue (use a tongue cleaner for better results)
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid substances like alcohol and caffeine
  • Vape less frequently, or take long breaks between vape sessions

If you end up having Vaper’s tongue, use palate cleansers like lemon juice to remedy the situation quickly.


Change The PG/VG Ratio

The PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid has a great impact on flavour. High VG juices are ideal for cloud chasers because of the huge clouds they produce. For flavour chasers, however, these juices are the worst, as they’ll seem to be semi-tasteless.
High VG juices can’t carry vape flavour the way high PG juices do. This is why you’ll always find better flavours mixed with the high PG juices.
Choosing a vape juice with a high PG/VG ratio will give you that concentrated flavour you’ll enjoy. Note, however, that high PG e-liquids can give a harsh throat heat, so be very careful, especially if you’re a DTL style vaper.
A good recommendation is to use a 50/50 ratio so you enjoy the best flavour and still have a mild throat hit. Nevertheless, if you’re a hardcore vaper and vape fluids above 50% PG without any side effects or throat burns, you can go for higher PG juices. Every vaper is different, so you should experiment and find out what’s best for you.


Store Your E-liquids Properly and Allow Them To Steep

Properly storing e-juices will secure their flavour, so you always get that flavour hit every time you vape. Storing your e-juice in a cool, dark place is the best way to store them. It would be best if you kept them in a cabinet or somewhere else out of direct sunlight and away from any form of heat source. A good location for long term storage is the fridge.
Steeping is a common culture among vapers: It can be the difference between a bad vape and a good one. If you’ve applied the best vape settings for flavour and yet your vape just doesn’t hit right, you should steep the e-juice. You can use quick steeping methods such as the hot bath, slow cooker, hot rice, and ultrasonic cleaner methods.


Final Words

There’s no single way to pull out the best flavour from your juice. It’s best you troubleshoot using all of the things mentioned in this article. Who knows, you may find your own secret recipe, settings, and device for getting the most flavour out of vaping.