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How To Make Vape Juice Last Longer – Top 8 Tips

When you are craving a vape, nothing beats running out of juice. It is much worse if it is in the middle of the night or you are in a location where you can’t find a vape store.
Also, when you vape a lot, the cost tends to build up as you are always buying new vape juice. This article gives you techniques to make your vape juice last longer. Let’s get to it!


Choose A Stronger E-juice With An Increased Nicotine Level

The first step to having a long-lasting e-liquid supply is to choose a stronger e-juice with a higher nicotine strength. As a result, you will require fewer pulls to gather a higher concentration of nicotine and use less e-liquid to satisfy your cravings.


Use High Resistance Coils

The coil of your vaping device will determine how much electricity will be used. Sub-ohming with low resistance coils should not be done at low wattage. You won’t receive much of a throat hit, let alone enough vapor if you do this.
Low resistance coils demand more power to perform correctly. That implies you will need to raise the ohms coil if you want a satisfying and efficient vape.


Use Lower Wattage

If you are wondering how to make e-juice last longer, lowering the wattage as much as possible can change things like temperature, the thickness of the cloud, and the rate of liquid usage. This is why most devices come with different wattage options. Lowering the wattage leads to reduced vapor production and using less e-juice. A 40W vape will dry up your e-juice faster than a 20W vape.


Opt For Vape Pens and Pods Instead Of High-Power Devices

High-power devices can allow you to puff more clouds, promising a better experience and a stronger battery, but the truth is that these sub-ohm vaping devices consume your vape fluids faster than a standard vape pen or pod. So, if your e-juice supply is running low and there appears to be no way out, it could be a good idea to ditch your high-power device in favor of a portable pen or pod.


Switch To Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts provide more nicotine satisfaction per inhalation than the freebase nicotine in an e-cigarettes. They deliver an increased amount of nicotine faster to your bloodstream without consuming much of it and maintaining a smoother experience. This means shorter vaping intake and an unending vape juice supply.  Be warned, however, that because nicotine salts are smoother, you will lose the sharpness of the throat hit that many people seem to like.


Track Your Vaping Habits And Control E-liquid Usage

No matter what kind of vaping device you use or the type of juice you vape, you will always run out of supply if you don’t control your habits. If you notice that you vape frequently, it might be time to cut back on some areas and discipline yourself to vape only when necessary. Keep track of when and how you vape to see where you can make adjustments. You can use a journal, a note on your phone, or one of the various vape-tracking apps to keep track of your intake.


Use A Daytime Device

If you still want to use your box mod but want to consume less vape juice, we recommend using a daytime device. It might be a box mod with high resistance coils that uses nicotine salts and is only used at the lowest power feasible. Alternatively, you might save money by purchasing an open pod system that you can refill and uses a vape juice compatible with your more powerful vaping device.
Instead of using your vaping device at work, opt for a daytime device. You will consume less vape juice throughout the day because it will be the only device you have at hand, and you will be able to enjoy your pen that produces more vape juice after you get home in the evening.


Remember About Proper E-liquid Storage

Whether you believe it or not, the best way to solve how to use less vape juice and extend the life is to keep your e-liquid bottle properly. Light, air, and heat can quickly deteriorate a vape juice, rendering it unusable for vaping because the nicotine and flavour are bitter or non-existent.
When choosing a storage location for your e-liquid, you want to ensure that the three enemies of flavour are addressed. A cabinet could work because it is dark, airless, and roughly neutral in temperature. On the other hand, the refrigerator is the perfect place to keep vape fluids because it is cool, dark, and airless. Keeping your vape juice in these locations will ensure that it lasts longer than expected. If you are buying a large quantity, it ensures that it doesn’t go bad and lose its flavour.



How Does Airflow Affect E-juice Consumption?

The more airflow you have, the better your vaping experience will be. Increased airflow can reduce the e-juice required because the airflow remains on the coils but at the cost of reduced flavour. Whereas you will get more flavour from your vape if you choose a lower airflow, the e-juice is forced out and consumed faster. This is because the coils become warmer when less air passes through them.


What Can I do To Make My E-juice last longer?

To make your e-juice last longer,

  • Use low powered vape devices
  • Discipline yourself to reduce or control your vaping habits
  • Use high resistance coils
  • Make sure your vaping devices are in good condition for use – check the wattage, tanks, and airflow
  • Use high concentration vape liquids or nicotine salts
  • Store vape liquids properly

Can Damaged or Overfilled E-cig Tank Be A Source Of High E-liquid Use?

Yes. If you overfill the tank of your e-cigarette, some of the juice will leak. This is also the case when the e-cig tank is damaged. If you have noticed fluid entering your nose or mouth when vaping, your device’s tank is overfilled or damaged.