60 ml e-liquid bottle

A regular 60ml bottle for occasions when 10ml, 20ml and 30ml aren’t enough. It has the same dimensions as the most popular 60 ml bottles on the market for easier fit to your filling line. Convenient on the go while remaining secure and sleek.

Keep it in your handbag, purse or pockets without the worry of leakage. Not a single drop is released until it is used.

60ml e liquid bottle benefits:

  • Childproof and tamper-evident cap
  • Best for VG based e-liquids
  • Great for short trips
  • Dropper included for precise filling

Our 60 ml e-liquid bottles are manufactured by our team of designers, engineers and quality control experts, who utilize cutting-edge technology and rigorously inspect each unit before wholesale shipping.




Bottle color

Cap color

All of that for a price lower than you would expect!

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