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When To Change Vape Coil And How To Do It Properly?

Consumers of e-liquids and vape juice deserve to enjoy a pleasant taste and safe vaping experience. One of the ways to achieve this is by carrying out routine vape maintenance. The change of vape coil is necessary to prolong the life span of the vaping device. Moreover, if the coil becomes burnt, the device will give a burnt taste when used.

How Long Does A Vape Coil Last?

A vape coil has a finite lifespan. Its longevity depends on how often you vape and clean the device. Generally, coils have a life span of between seven to 21 days. For people who take proper care of the vape device and vape once in a while, their coil can last longer than the 21-day mark.

Why Do Vape Coils Need Replacing?

Maintaining the flavour of the e-juice and enjoying pleasurable vaping moments comes with a price. The price is that the coils will have to be replaced often.

Whether a newbie or an experienced vaper, take time out to change vape coil regularly. Replacing the old coils helps to maintain the pleasurable feeling you get from vaping. If you fail to replace the coil as and when due, it can damage the vape pen.

Vape coils need replacing because there comes a time when the coil’s wick becomes burnt and irritates the back of the throat when vaping. The coil should be replaced to avoid experiencing tightness while inhaling the e-juice.

How Often Should I Change Vape Coil?

Continuous use of a vape pen means the coil will undergo repeated heating and cooling. So it is only natural that the coils are burnt out after a while. They cannot last forever. They are designed to be replaced regularly.

Depending on how frequently the vape device is used, the coil should be replaced every 1-4 weeks. Another factor that determines how frequently you change vape coil is the type of e-juice that is consumed.

Those who often use high VG e-liquids tend to change vape coil more regularly, unlike those who use high PG e-liquids. The difference is that high VG e-liquids are generally thicker and produce more residue that clogs the wicking material. Also, some e-juice flavours produce more residue that will clog the material.

Furthermore, how a vape device is used determines how often to change vape coil. For instance, chain vaping can cause the coil to burn faster than usual because taking short and frequent puffs will dry out the wicking material quickly.

When To Change Vape Coil? – How To Tell If Coil Needs Replacing?

You must have learnt how to know if your coil is burnt. This is closely followed by knowing when to change vape coil. For this, all you need is to look out for some key signs, which will tell you that it is time to change the coil. Failure to pay attention to these signals means that the coil will be burnt out, and you will end up experiencing a burnt taste when consuming the e-juice.

Here are five signs that the coil needs replacing:

Burnt Taste When Vaping

Once a coil becomes burnt, it is referred to as a dead coil. Using a vape device with a dead coil will produce an unpleasant burnt taste in your throat when you inhale the e-juice.

But the sign doesn’t stop there. The burnt taste will cause the consumer to start coughing, and in some cases, the person might fall sick. So it is important that immediately you notice a slightly burnt taste, ensure that you change vape coil right away.

Experience Off-taste E-Liquid

Before you experience a burnt taste while vaping, you would have noticed that the e-juice has a weak or funny taste. Every e-juice has its peculiar taste, and if you consume different flavours, you will most likely notice if the e-juice tastes off or not. The flavour is expected to taste the same from the first to the last hit. As soon as you notice an off-taste, that is your cue that the coil is burnt.

Low Vapour Production

The life span of the coil determines the quality of vapour produced by the vape device. As the coil advances in age and use, the vapour produced will reduce. When the coil is close to the end of its lifespan, you will discover that the vapour produced becomes weak; this means less vapour is produced with time.

Once you notice this, it is up to you to keep using the device until you notice other signs or change the coil immediately. Also, know that weak vapour production can be due to a dying battery. So before you change the coil, check the device’s battery charge.

Leaking Vape Device

Another prompt on when to replace vape coil is if the e-juice starts to leak from the vape tank. However, it would be best if you didn’t jump to a conclusion as soon as you notice this sign. The first thing to do is to check the vape device properly by taking it apart to observe if the batteries are okay.

If the e-juice continues to leak after you’ve reassembled the device, then it means that you have to change vape coil. When you remove the coil to inspect it, you will likely notice the cause of the leak. In some cases, the leaking might persist after you change the coil. The next option is to purchase a new vape device.

Vape Device Gurgles When Used

A vape device is not meant to make gurgling noise when you inhale the e-juice. If this happens, it could mean two things: the tank has become flooded, and the coil will need to be replaced; or the coil was not well-fitted in the device, so you need to unscrew the coil and re-attach it properly.

How To Make Vape Coil Last Longer?

Increasing the longevity of the coil is possible. If you are tired of replacing your vape coil more frequently than usual because it wears out quickly, then try extending the lifespan. Do this by first finding out what causes the coil to burn. It could be any of the following reasons:

  • the e-juice has fouled the coil’s heating surface,
  • the wicking material is burnt.

Once you have determined the root cause, you can make changes to increase the coil life.

How To Change A Coil In A Vape? – Step-By-Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step process that will teach you how to change coil in vape:

  • Take Apart The Vape Device

The first step in changing the coil is to disassemble the vape device with the aid of its manual. Vape devices differ from one another, so you need a manual to guide you. To prevent the e-juice from spilling on your hand, wrap the device with a paper towel or handkerchief. Nevertheless, bear in mind that only open-system vape devices can be disassembled.

  • Empty The Tank

To replace the coil with a new one, the tank must be empty. Once the e-juice has been removed, you can fit it in the new coil.

  • Soak The New Coil With E-juice

Before you start vaping on the new coil, ensure you give the wicking material enough time to soak and absorb the e-juice. Failure to do this and the new coil will burn out quickly. Therefore, pour three or four drops of the e-juice on the wick material and allow it to soak and absorb for about 10 minutes.

  • Unscrew The Burnt Out Coil And Replace It With The Clean Vape Coil

The burnt coil will readily come off when unscrewed from the bottom of the vape device. Then screw in clean vape coils.

  • Refill and Reassemble The Tank

After the new vape coil has been properly fitted, pour the e-juice inside the tank and screw it to the device. Once reassembling is complete, you can begin using the vape device.