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Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking? – What Are The Causes And How To Fix The Problem?

Leaky vape tanks are a common cause of quick e-juice consumption while vaping. Having a leaky vape tank can be one of the most annoying things for any vaper, especially when you’re dealing with expensive e-liquids. But it can happen to anyone with any vape device.
Before getting a new vape tank or device, it’s important to troubleshoot the device yourself to see what’s causing the leak. Who knows, you just might save yourself a few bucks.


Why Does My Vape Tank Leak? – How Do I Stop My Vape From Leaking?

If you find vape leaking out of your tank, several factors may be responsible. Here are the most common factors that may cause vape tank leaking and how to fix it.


1. Using Wrong Or Damaged Coils

Coils are designed to suit different vaping styles; using the wrong kind of coil will cause vape leakage. For instance, lower resistance coils are made for mouth-to-lung vaping, while higher resistance coils are best for direct-to-lung vaping. Using the wrong coil for your vaping will cause excess liquid to pass through the coil, resulting in vape leaking out of the drip tip into your mouth when you vape.
You may equally find your vape tank leaking when you have a damaged coil. Faulty coils can’t wick e-juice properly.


Always check the coil rating before buying any vape device or coil, and make sure it suits your vaping style. If you find out your coil is faulty, replace it. It’s advisable to replace coils every 2 weeks.


2. Broken and Poorly-fitted Seals

If you find your vape tank leaking from the bottom, it may very well be that the seal is broken or not fitted properly. Top-fill and bottom-fill vape tanks always have a seal between the cap and the tank. Over time, these seals will wear and tear due to constant reopening and tightening during refills. When this happens, you’ll find your vape tank leaking.
Coils also have seals that prevent e-juice from leaking into other chambers of the vape device. If these seals are damaged or worn out, you’ll experience vape tank leakage.


Most vape kits come with spare seals for replacement when the original one gets old: use it. Also, check that your coils are fitted and sealed correctly.


3. Overfilling

This is a very obvious reason and a common fault among many vapers. While it may seem proactive, putting excess e-liquid in your vape tank can flood the coil or cause vape juice to leak past the seals. As a result, you may notice e-liquid leaking through the air holes or into your mouth when you vape.
Most vapers simply do not know how to fill certain devices correctly or the right bottle tips to use. As a result, they usually put vape juice into the chimney. This causes the vape tank to gurgle and leak.


Use the correct nozzle tips for refills, and always watch out for the horizontal line in most vape tanks – your vape juice shouldn’t go beyond this line. If your e-juice enters the chimney, use a paper towel to clean it off. If you’re not sure how to refill a certain device, seek help from experts.


4. Keeping Your Device In A Horizontal Position

It’s never a good idea to keep your vape device in a horizontal position because of the airflow holes present in them. If you leave your vape pod on its side for a long time, you may find vape leaking through the air holes and into other chambers of the device like the chimney. This scenario is very likely to occur when your tank is half-full.


Never leave your device in a laid down position for long, and always carry it in an upright position.


5. Damaged O-rings

O-rings are small rubber rings mostly found at the base and tops of vape tanks. The function of these rings is to further seal a path or joining of two pieces so that no air, gas, or liquid passes through. As time goes on, o-rings in vape tanks can get ripped. When this happens, there is no longer a proper air seal, and you may be left with a leaky vape tank.


The simple solution to this problem is getting new o-rings and replacing the damaged ones.


6. Improper Inhaling Technique

Sometimes your vape tank is not to be blamed. You are the one at fault. You should vape like a vaper rather than like a smoker. Remember that smoking is very different from vaping. You can take sharp draws on a typical cigarette and get good fumes in, but never try this on an e-cig. Remember that your vape juice has to be heated up by the coils before vapors are produced. If you inhale too quickly, you may just suck in vape juice.


Take slow, steady draws, irrespective of what vaping style you use.


7. Improper Wicking

This is usually experienced in DIY vape devices or rebuildable vape tanks. If there isn’t enough wicking material in the coil, your device won’t be able to hold e-liquid to be vaporized. As a result, vape liquid will leak from the air hole.


If you’re using DIY devices and rebuildable tanks, use more cotton to re-wick the coil, or use a better wicking material.


Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking? – Conclusion

Damaged vape tanks, faulty vape tank components (seals, o-rings, coils, and wicks), and improper handling and vaping techniques can make your vape device leak. It’s best to check if any of these primary factors are responsible.
You may also find your vape pen leaking when you use the wrong vape juice and vape juice settings.
Never use high VG fluids for simple vape pens and coils, or use high PG fluids for sub-ohm coils. The high viscosity of VG juices will make it difficult for them to pass through the tiny inlet holes of high resistance coils found in vape pens, so the fluids can’t get wicked. As a result, you’ll have to draw much harder, and you may draw out pure e-juice in the process.
Meanwhile, the sub-ohm coils and devices have massive inlet holes and well-equipped coils to produce massive vapors. Also, atomizers always have an optimal power range. It’s best you use a wattage that is within this range. Don’t set the power too low or too high.
Knowing which factor is responsible for your leakage may be difficult, but fixing all these issues will definitely improve your vape experience.