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What Wattage Should I Vape At? – How To Choose The Best Wattage For Vaping?

Reducing the resistance of the vape coil is not the only way to have an intense vaping experience. Another route is to increase the amount of power that flows through the vape device.

With the aid of the variable control switches of the battery, the wattage and voltage can be altered to give the vaper a more pleasurable experience. By choosing a preferred wattage level, the vaper determines the rate at which the device functions. In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between vape and watts and help you set a good wattage for vapes.

Vape Wattage and Voltage – What’s The Difference?

Vape wattage refers to the power an e-cigarette or vape device uses up. Wattage means the amount of power the vape produces. The wattage controls the power output of the device.

On the other hand, Vape Voltage deals with how much power flows through the device. Variable voltage controls the amount of power flowing through the e-cigarette from the battery.

The two vaping parameters are interwoven. By increasing the wattage, the voltage is increased and vice-versa.

What Does Wattage Do On A Vape? – How Does Wattage Affect Your Vaping Experience?

Every vape device has a power output, which is attributed to its wattage. Many of the devices in the market today have variable wattage; this means that the wattage can be adjusted.

When the wattage is adjusted, the quantity of power transferred from the battery through the coil (or atomiser) is changed. The altering of the device’s power output influences the coil’s temperature and affects the amount of the e-liquid that becomes vapourised. In essence, wattage can improve both vapour production and the quality of the e-juice flavour.

Increasing the wattage of the device makes the coil hotter, and the vaper experiences more throat hits when inhaling the e-liquid. Also, when the wattage is decreased, the coil becomes cooler and less vapour is produced, affecting the throat hit sensation felt by the consumer.

The arrival of devices with variable wattage has allowed vapers to customise their vaping experience to their vaping style or mood.

What Wattage Should I Vape At? – Choosing The Best Wattage For Vaping?

The answer to the question “What wattage should I vape at?” depends on factors such as the type of device used for vaping, and preferred vape juice flavours.

When it comes to newbies, the best wattage would be a lower one because they are just starting. Although considered a low wattage, 10 watts is enough to guarantee a satisfactory vape. On the other hand, experienced vapers can use higher wattage to get a pleasing vape. They often vape at a range of 40-50 watts and more.

Factors that influence the choice of vaping wattage include:

Vapour and Temperature

Higher wattage levels are synonymous with higher temperatures, and it is closely linked to higher vapour production. A hotter vaping experience means that the temperature has been increased, and the only way to achieve this is by turning up the vaping wattage.

Advanced vapers who prefer hotter and thicker vapour tend to use higher wattage. On the other hand, e-cigarette consumers who like cooler, thinner vapours will go for lower wattage levels.


Understanding how wattage affects flavour is necessary to get a spectacular vaping experience. For instance, a 50-watt vape device is best suited with one coil and flavourings on the lighter side, such as Frosted Candy and Blue Slush. On the other hand, an 80-watt device will work best with richer-tasting vape juices such as vanilla custard.

Furthermore, even though a higher wattage means an increase in the temperature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the flavour will be richer when there is more heat. For example, stronger, richer flavours like tobacco, coffee and chocolate often taste better when they are hotter. In contrast, fruity flavours like blueberry and peach taste better when exposed to less heat.

Throat Hits

A higher wattage leads to the production of hotter hits and, inadvertently, better throat hits. For vapers who like to taste the dry herbs in their throat when vaping, a higher wattage is their best choice.

Coil Resistance

Coil resistance has a role to play in your preferred wattage. The choice of coil resistance also depends on the type of vaping device used because they vary from one device to another. Generally, the resistance coils ranges between 0.1 – 3.0 ohms.

Vape devices that are below 1 ohm are referred to as sub-ohms. Nevertheless, not every sub ohm are the same as they operate at different voltages. Knowing what wattage to vape at sub ohm should be based on the understanding that increasing the voltage or resistance leads to a higher wattage.

VG/PG Ratio

The ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol (VG/PG ratio) is one of the factors affecting vaping experience. It can alter the satisfaction derived from vaping. When it comes to e-liquids, there is no ideal PG/VG ratio because some vapers prefer more VG while some like more PG.

Choosing the best wattage for vaping also depends on the preferred PG/VG ratio. For vapers who like MAX VG e-juice, a higher wattage will be used, while those who prefer MAX PG will have to work with low wattage.

For a balanced ratio (50VG/50PG), a low wattage range is most suitable. A 50VG/50PG ratio provides a balanced mix in vapour production, throat hit and flavour.

How Does Vape Wattage Affect Vaping Device and E-liquid Consumption?

Vape wattage affects vape device and e-liquid consumption in the following ways:

Battery Life

Although vaping at a higher wattage won’t affect the device, it will strain the battery life. For vape devices with short or weak battery life, it’s best to vape at a lower wattage, especially if you love vaping frequently.

Vape Coil Lifespan

The lifespan of a vape coil is dependent on the range of the wattage of the device. When a vaper prefers to use a higher wattage, it means that the coil will produce more heat, and this will reduce the vape lifespan. Using a low wattage for vaping helps to prolong the lifespan of the coil.

E-liquid Consumption

When the vape device operates at a higher wattage, the coil will produce more vapour than the vaper will take in through the airflow. The increase in vapour production means that more e-liquid will be consumed. A low wattage will not use up as much e-liquid to produce vapour.

High or Low Wattage — What Is The Perfect Vape Wattage For You?

Now, it is not bad to vape at a low wattage. The chosen wattage settings or voltage settings should be based on personal preferences.

If you love to take in deeper flavour and thinner vapour, try low-wattage vaping. In contrast, if your preference is big, cloudy vapours with less weedy flavour, high-wattage vaping will do the trick.


As a vaper, there are many factors to consider before determining the ideal wattage for vaping. From the type of device to the hotness of the throat hits, your selected wattage determines the excitement you will obtain from vaping.

Also, when shopping for a new vape device, you should purchase a vape mod instead of a vape pen. The former gives room to tailor your vaping style to specific needs. Finally, trying out different flavours on different wattages makes your vaping experience more pleasurable.